Creating Open Classrooms with #JoinUs

#JoinUs is a teaching movement that is growing out of the sharing culture that comes with social media. It is something that could be a great benefit to your school. The concept is simple and the benefits are incredibly helpful. Teachers are given an option of putting a #JoinUs welcome sign on their door to encourage other teachers, students or staff who are on break to participate in the classroom experience. Having new people join the class can mean having a new set of eyes on a problem, getting assistance with teaching tasks or just adding a new perspective to the classroom dynamic. Having another teacher in the classroom can also create an opportunity for evaluation and improvement for the home teacher without imposing the stress and formality of an official inspection. The #JoinUs platform also encourages the sharing of information between teachers in the school by allowing teachers to see how their peers approach lessons or problems that they may experience themselves.

We hope that you encourage your teachers to try out the #JoinUs philosophy and see the benefits for themselves. Just make sure that they remember to take down the welcome sign during important moments like exams/tests and presentations!

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