Hashtag Activating Your Class

Social media may at first seem like a black hole that has the potential to distract students from learning. Many educators are campaigning to keep students away from social media in the classroom. Rather than trying to fight it, however, why not try to harness the power of social media for student learning? Have your teachers try this fun way of incorporating social media into your curricula and classes.

For this initiative to work, you will need to ensure that all students as well as all staff are signed up on Twitter (See our write-up below on the benefits of connecting your class on Twitter as well!)

1. Every day, at the end of class, all teachers provide their classes with a discussion topic. This could be something from current events, something about the class' required readings or anything else that teachers think students will find interesting. Teachers include with their discussion point a hashtag to archive all of the responses (for example: #MrsJesl).

2. Teachers instruct students to post at least one tweet about the topic using the class hashtag as well as posting at least one response to someone else's tweet. This is to encourage students to create a dialogue and interact with each other outside of class.

3. The next day, the teachers use a few minutes at the beginning of the class to discuss the ideas expressed in the Twitter discussion.

Building Twitter into your curricula and classes like this will motivate students to share their ideas in English using a tool they are most likely quite comfortable with.