Using Mind Mapping to Aid Vocabulary Acquisition

Vocabulary can be a difficult area for students to progress in. Despite the fact that students learning English are exposed to new vocabulary every day, it takes a great deal of repetition for students to internalize the new vocabulary and actually be able to use it successfully in their communication. One technique for helping students learn vocabulary is called "Mind Mapping". It differs from traditional methods of learning vocabulary because it is not about repetition and memorization. Mind mapping involves creating a web of connecting words and learning them in relation to each other. By clumping words together and learning them in context, students are much more likely to actually remember the new vocabulary. A great tool for helping your students get started with mind mapping is Coggle. Coggle is an online mind mapping tool that your students can use to build their vocabulary. It also offers the capability of collaboration on a single mind map as well so you can use it for full class lessons. The next time your teachers need to give a vocabulary lesson, don't forget the value of learning words in context and have them give Mind Mapping a try!

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