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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Development articles provide you with ideas to keep your language program’s curriculum interesting and motivating. The ideas help you fine tune an existing curriculum, integrate different technologies, or build a curriculum from the ground up.

Embracing Local Culture in Class

Part of the experience of learning another language is learning another culture. This includes the local culture of your town or city as well as your regional and national cultures.

Build opportunities into your curriculum for teachers to introduce local food, history, music and art to their students.

Hashtag Activating Your Class

Social media may at first seem like a black hole that has the potential to distract students from learning. Many educators are campaigning to keep students away from social media in the classroom. Rather than trying to fight it, however, why not try to harness the power of social media for student learning? Have your teachers try this fun way of incorporating social media into your curricula and classes.

Encouraging a Passion for Reading

Integrating extensive reading, or reading for pleasure, into the curriculum for your higher level classes is a great way to help students develop a passion for reading in English. Students find it rewarding to read real stories or authentic English texts. Allowing students to choose the stories they will read is even more motivating for them.