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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Development articles provide you with ideas to keep your language program’s curriculum interesting and motivating. The ideas help you fine tune an existing curriculum, integrate different technologies, or build a curriculum from the ground up.

Don't Forget Your Course Logistics and Course Policies

Often when we are developing and writing the curriculum for a new course, we focus on the course objectives, the content and the materials. But there are other elements to the course that we need to make sure we have thought through - the course logistics and policies. These are the practical pieces of the course that ensure the course is delivered in a structured and organized way. It doesn't matter how good your course objectives, content and materials are - if you don't deliver them well, you won't have a good course.

A Quick Curriculum Check

It doesn't hurt to do a quick check of your curriculum every once in a while to make sure that it still meets the needs of your students, teachers and language program. Here are some questions to ask, in order to make sure your curriculum is on track:

Integrating Pronunciation into Your Curriculum

Pronunciation is usually high on student priority lists when it comes to language learning. However, pronunciation is not easy to integrate into your curriculum in a systematic way. Pronunciation does not lend itself to full scheduled classes, the way the four language skills and grammar do. Short, targeted pronunciation activities integrated into skills or communication classes is more effective than a lengthier 45-minute pronunciation class.