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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Development articles provide you with ideas to keep your language program’s curriculum interesting and motivating. The ideas help you fine tune an existing curriculum, integrate different technologies, or build a curriculum from the ground up.

Managing Student Learning Disabilities in English Language Classrooms

In her article "Assessing Learning Disabilities in ESL" Pearl Pirie highlights a situation that every ESL teacher will encounter at some point in his or her career - students with learning disabilities in their English language classroom.

Standardized English Language Proficiency Tests

Are you trying to decide which English language proficiency tests to recommend to your students or to use in your language program? Here are the official websites for the most commonly used English language proficiency tests...

Customized Textbooks

Have you ever been frustrated at being unable to find just the right textbook for a course?

One book is too long and another is too short. Or you like part of one book and part of another book but don't want your students to have to purchase two books. In spite of the hundreds of textbook options out there, it is still challenging to find the perfect textbook fit for a course.