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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Development articles provide you with ideas to keep your language program’s curriculum interesting and motivating. The ideas help you fine tune an existing curriculum, integrate different technologies, or build a curriculum from the ground up.

Curriculum Updating

Publishers are shifting their production of print books into digital packages that include a digital textbook and online resources for both students and teachers. Is it time for you to make the switch from print to digital textbooks for your students?

The debate about digital books versus print books still rages. Here are some different viewpoints on the argument...

Foundational Skills for an English for Academic Purposes Curriculum

With the globalization of higher education, and a shift at the higher education level to instruction in English, even outside of English-speaking countries, there is an ever increasing demand for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses.

Publishers are keeping up with this demand with textbooks that focus on academic reading, academic writing, lecture listening and note-taking. When you are developing your EAP curriculum, however, it doesn't hurt to take a step back and ask the foundational question: "What does it take to be successful in higher education?" The answer to this question takes us outside the realm of language...

Pre-Packaged Online Materials

Research shows time and time again that blended learning is the best approach to integrating technology into the language learning process. When looking at building a blended curriculum, you have the choice of using pre-packaged online materials or putting your organization's proprietary materials into an online learning management system.

Publishers and technology firms are collaborating more and more to produce compelling pre-packaged materials...