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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Development articles provide you with ideas to keep your language program’s curriculum interesting and motivating. The ideas help you fine tune an existing curriculum, integrate different technologies, or build a curriculum from the ground up.

Valid, Reliable and Practical Level Placement

An ongoing challenge in many language programs is the accurate placement of students in the correct language proficiency level when the students first arrive. When I conduct a curriculum review and ask to see the system by which students are assessed, more often than not it turns out that level placement in the program is conducted more as an art than a science.

Academic Excursions

Most language programs have extracurricular activities that students can participate in outside of classes. These activities, including sports and exercise activities, cultural events and visits to local tourist attractions, can greatly enrich students' learning experiences. The activities take the language learning experience out of the classroom and into the real world. You can go one step further with your curriculum, however, and have excursions during class time that tie directly into what students are learning in the classroom. These are called academic excursions as opposed to extracurricular activities. 

Bridging the Divide Between Education Systems

It doesn't take too many hours of English language teaching experience to realize that language is not the only divide between our teachers and our students. There is also sometimes an immense divide in the education systems - how teachers and students are supposed to act, how the curriculum is structured, how students are assessed and what students are assessed on.