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Language Program Management articles provide you with the latest trends, research and recommendations from the world of management. Use the information to fine tune your management style, improve your processes and systems and take your management skills to the next level.

Creating an All-English School

It's no secret that enforcing English-only rules in an English language school can be difficult. This shouldn't stop your efforts to have English spoken in your school because speaking English as much as possible is to their benefit as learners. Here are a few tips on how to keep your students speaking English.

If possible, have a mix of language groups in your classes. Avoid having classes in which all of the students speak the same first language. Having a mix of languages in a class will reduce student ability to revert to a first language when communication gets difficult. It also forces students to interact with each other in English.

E-mail, Social Media, Teachers and Students

Connecting your staff with their students outside of the classroom walls via e-mail and social media can facilitate learning and learning management. However, it is also something that you and your staff need to be careful with. You should have a clear policy document in your language program's operations manual and teacher handbook about technology and communication. Make sure you have the following guidelines in place:

Managing Public Relations

Very few language programs can afford to hire a dedicated public relations (PR) team. However, every manager can learn the basics of public relations. Here are some tried and true tips for how to manage PR without outsourcing!