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Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

A lot of research has been done about what good decision-making looks like. Tools, based on this research, have been developed to help managers and leaders make good decisions in very complex situations. But the opposite question, what bad decision-making looks like, doesn't get asked quite as frequently.

Asking the Right Questions

Questions are a manager's best friend. We use them to find out what is going on when things go wrong and we also use them to find out why things are going well. They help us diagnose situations, both bad and good.

Are Your Employees More Effective With You or Without You?

Learn the art and science of management with this article, Management 101, by John Reh. The key to success is making sure the people you manage are more effective with you than without you. This article explores four ‘pillars’ that can help managers improve employee effectiveness. The pillars are: planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring...