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Language Program Management articles provide you with the latest trends, research and recommendations from the world of management. Use the information to fine tune your management style, improve your processes and systems and take your management skills to the next level.

Hone Your Management Skills

It is not just course-time for your teachers. It is also course-time for you as a manager!

Here are some Coursera options that will give you different ways to look at management or add to your management skills. All courses are free and are taught by professors who are highly regarded in their fields.

Do You Have CQ?

You have heard of IQ and EQ. Now the business world brings us CQ or Change Intelligence. CQ is a measure of a leader's ability to steer his or her organization through today's ever changing business environment. CQ is critical in our complex global and technology-driven context in which events over which we have no control can influence or derail our best leadership and management efforts. Gone are the days of doing the same thing on an ongoing basis and expecting to get the same results. What worked yesterday might not work today. And what didn't work yesterday might work today...

Like You or Fear You?

The debate as to whether a leader should strive to be liked or feared is one that is centuries old. And throughout the centuries, the debate has tipped first to one side - a leader should be loved, and then the other - a leader should inspire fear.

The current position on the debate is that leaders need to situate themselves in the middle...