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Language Program Management articles provide you with the latest trends, research and recommendations from the world of management. Use the information to fine tune your management style, improve your processes and systems and take your management skills to the next level.

Hiring Teachers Who Can Do the Job, Not Teachers Who SAY They Can Do the Job

July and August are notoriously busy in the language education business. Some language programs double or triple their enrollments in these two months. And that means doubling or tripling your teaching staff.  When hiring up for the peak season, we need to make our hiring process as efficient as possible - and that means using the interview process to select teachers who will be successful in our language program...

Your Organization's Narrative

Every organization, whether publicly funded or privately owned, has its own unique history or narrative. That narrative highlights the values upon which the organization was founded and which continue to drive the organization forward.

Managing Conflict: Identifying the Type of Conflict

Regardless of how good you are as a manager, you will inevitably find yourself in a situation of conflict at some point or another, given the number of competing priorities and types of personalities that we all deal with on a daily basis.

One of the first steps in successfully taking conflict through to a resolution is knowing what kind of conflict you are dealing with. There are three main types of conflict: a conflict of emotion, a conflict of needs and a conflict of values. Each of these types of conflict requires a different approach for resolution...