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The Art of Monotasking

An ability to multi-task used to be the sign of a manager who was organized, sharp and in control. No matter what issue arose, or when, it was handled immediately. E-mails were responded to as soon as they arrived. When the phone rang, the manager was there to answer it. Unfortunately, however, our evolving communication technologies have enabled multi-tasking to the point where it is now a productivity destroying activity rather than a productivity enhancing one. Out-of-control multi-tasking saps our mental energy and decreases our ability to focus...

Rumour Has It

We all know how prevalent rumours are in everyday life. Why do rumours start? As human beings, we all like to feel that we are informed, that we know what is going on around us. It makes us feel like we belong and helps us to be confident in what we are doing. When we don't have access to information, we speculate and this is how rumours are born.

Lessons from Top Entrepreneurs

What are the qualities and skills that make you effective as a manager? Being able to handle adversity? To build a collaborative support team? To stay focused on what is important? To resolve conflict?