Classroom Management English

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19 minutes, 13 seconds

The use of classroom management English is a crucial way to increase the exposure our students have to English. This is particularly important in English as a Foreign Language contexts, in which student exposure to English is limited to the English they see and hear in the classroom. This course, designed for English language teachers whose first language is NOT English, will take you through key phrases that you need in order to manage your English language classes in English.

Course Agenda:

1. Key Phrases for Giving Feedback
2. Key Phrases for Beginning Your Lessons
3. Key Phrases for Ending Your Lessons
4. Key Phrases for Supervising Your Students
5. Key Phrases for Giving Instructions
6. Key Phrases for Confirming Instruction Comprehension
7. Key Phrases for Beginning an Activity
8. Key Phrases for Ending an Activity
9. Key Phrases for Taking Up Answers to Activities
10. Key Phrases for Using Metalanguage