Language Use and Age

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34 minutes, 36 seconds

Researchers have found that humans use language differently as they move from one age group to the next throughout their lifespans.  They have also found that the language used to talk about people and the language used to talk to people varies between the different age categories.  In this video, we will first divide humans into four broad age categories with which to discuss the topic of language and age.  We will then take a look at some of the various words and terms used to describe people in the different age categories.  Next, we will discuss how people in each of the four age categories use language themselves.  Finally, we will examine some of the distinct features of the language used to speak to people in each of the age categories, as well as some of the assumptions behind this language use.  

Course Agenda:

1.  Age Categories
2.  How Language is Used to Talk About Different Age Groups
3.  How Different Age Groups Use Language
4.  How Language is Used to Talk to Different Age Groups