Listening Activities for Low Level Classes

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15 minutes, 51 seconds

Teaching low level students is very challenging because these students have a very limited amount of language knowledge to draw upon in order to complete even the most basic of language learning tasks.  When teaching listening to low level students, we have to keep two main strategies in mind.  The first is to make sure we use every opportunity in the class to provide students with exposure to the language.  The more English they hear and see, the more familiar they will become with it.  The second strategy is to give students ways to demonstrate understanding of what they have heard that do not require them to produce a lot of original language.  Students rapidly gain confidence if they are able to successfully complete tasks.  We can help students to be successful with listening tasks by taking away the pressure of creative language production.  In this session, we will look at these two strategies in more depth.

Course Agenda:

1. The Importance of Classroom Management Language
2. Adapted Audio and Video
3. “Listen and...” Activities for Low Level Students