Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

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35 minutes, 7 seconds

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students have quite a challenge ahead of them. Not only do they need to learn the English language to quite a high level of proficiency, including complex vocabulary and complex grammar, they also need to learn different ways of thinking that will enable them to be successful in a higher education setting in an English-speaking context. In this session we will discuss the concept of critical thinking and its relationship to EAP student success, we will explore some of the cultural assumptions behind the concept, and finally, we will take a look at some possible approaches to teaching our students critical thinking.

Course Agenda:

1. What is Critical Thinking?
2. Cultural Differences that Affect Student Critical Thinking
3. Bloom’s Taxonomy
4. Structuring Arguments
5. Types of Reasoning
6. Critical Thinking Subskills
7. The Language of Critical Thinking
8. Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
9. Additional Resources