Techniques and Tips for Teaching Professional/Business English

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33 minutes, 57 seconds

Continued and accelerated globalization has put increased pressures on business people and professionals to be able to communicate in English at a more and more sophisticated level. This communication does not just require a good command of the systems of English (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation). It also demands an understanding of the rules of communication in specific and complex situations. These situations include negotiations, presentations, business reviews and social events. This course is built around a series of activities that demonstrate how to work with business people and professionals in order to provide them with the English communication skills they require to be successful. The activities focus on the dynamics of communication in real-life business situations. The course concludes with an overview of things teachers should and should not do in order to increase their effectiveness in meeting the needs of this particular student profile. This includes ways to focus students on pronunciation, intercultural communication, and communication rules.

Course Agenda:

1. Why do professionals and business people need to learn English?
2. What is the best teaching style for professional/business English?
3. What language do professionals and business people need to learn?
4. Which language difficulties cause professionals and business people the most trouble?
5. What skills do professionals and business people need to learn?
6. What objectives should you have for your lessons?
7. What activities are effective?
8. What materials are effective?
9. Final tips for teaching professional/business English