Using Literature and Graded Readers to Teach Reading

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22 minutes, 53 seconds

Literature is a rich source of language for English language students.  The universal themes, emotions and messages of great fiction writing speak to students of all ages and backgrounds.  In order to make literature accessible to all levels of English language learners, major and specialty publishers have created graded readers.  Graded readers are adaptations of literary works and non-fiction works that preserve the plot, characters and settings of the stories but tell them with simplified grammar and vocabulary.  In this session, we take you through a variety of activities to use with literature, fiction and non-fiction graded readers in order to increase the amount of extensive reading that your students do both in class and outside of class.

Course Agenda:

1. Intensive versus Extensive Reading
2. Using Literature to Teach Reading
3. Using Graded Readers to Teach Reading
4. Criteria for Selecting Literature or Graded Readers
5. Sources for Graded Readers
6. Activities for Using Literature and Graded Readers to Teach Reading