Using Timelines to Teach Verb Tenses

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41 minutes, 32 seconds

While the form of English grammar, or how it is made, is quite straightforward, the use of those forms is somewhat more complicated. It is actually the use of grammar, not the form, that presents the most challenges for both students and teachers alike. In this session we will examine one of the most effective techniques to use when teaching the use of grammar to students - timelines. We will briefly discuss how to draw basic timelines including the use of symbols and colours. We will then walk through possible timelines for all of the verb tenses in English to illustrate the different uses of these tenses. At the end of this session you will have a solid understanding of how to create accurate and useful timelines for each of the tenses in English.

Course Agenda:

1. Tips for Drawing Timelines
2. Using Timelines to Represent Each of the English Verb Tenses