If you are an expert teacher, you have more than ten years of teaching experience. You have taught a wide range of class types and language proficiency levels and in several different language programs and contexts. The videos in this category provide learning experiences about the more complex aspects of English language teaching that allow you to position yourself to train other teachers, develop curriculum and coordinate programs. Some of the videos in this category also take you much more deeply into the theory behind current language teaching practices.

Teaching Students 'Unstress'

In this session, we look at the importance of stress in determining the intelligibility of student pronunciation.  One of four main components of the suprasegmental features of pronunciation, stress is often overlooked in our teaching

Management Through Coaching

Managing is no longer about ordering our staff around or demanding that they do this or that.  Managing is about helping our staff to do the best job possible.  One of the most widely used definitions of management in this new approach is "the job of getting things done through others".

Context Matters: WHERE you Teach Affects HOW you Teach

When we plan and teach our English language courses and lessons, our focus is usually on the language learning activities and materials we will use to meet student needs.  Lost in this planning and teaching process is the impact of the context in which we are teaching.

Using Literature and Graded Readers to Teach Reading

Literature is a rich source of language for English language students.  The universal themes, emotions and messages of great fiction writing speak to students of all ages and backgrounds.

The Dark Side of Classroom Management: Handling Aggressive Student Behaviour

In this session, we introduce different frameworks with which to analyze and understand aggressive student behaviour in the classroom.  The frameworks come from a variety of academic fields, including intercultural communication, education

Using Drama Activities to Teach Pronunciation

There are many drama activities that actors use to warm up their voices and improve their projection, enunciation and overall vocal delivery.

A Basic Curriculum Design Framework

Many of the courses we teach to prepare students to succeed in a particular workplace have to be customized to meet the specific language and culture demands of that workplace. As a result, workplace preparation teachers often become course designers out of necessity.

Building Content for a Workplace Preparation Course

This course takes participants through a very simple framework for defining culture that can be used to analyze workplace culture. By applying this framework in an analytical process, you can begin to understand the depth and complexity of a workplace culture.

Techniques and Tips for Teaching Professional/Business English

Continued and accelerated globalization has put increased pressures on business people and professionals to be able to communicate in English at a more and more sophisticated level.

Using E-mail in a Professional Context

E-mail is well-established as an essential communication tool for any professional context. Unfortunately, many professionals get themselves into trouble by not understanding the nature of e-mail as a communication tool or by misusing it.