Heather Perry

Heather Perry has a Master of Educational Studies in TESOL from Providence College in Manitoba. She is a trained Canadian Language Benchmarks assessor. She has worked as an English language teacher, language assessor, curriculum developer and English language teacher trainer for the past eleven years throughout Canada and internationally. Her current focus is helping internationally trained workers to communicate effectively in both the oral and written skills within the Canadian workplace. As a past presenter of both the Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) and the Canada TESL conferences, Heather's passion is to present practical teaching strategies in order to motivate teachers to try new ideas in their classes.

Using Poetry Writing to Teach English

Poetry can be a great tool to use to teach English to our students. In this session, we first discuss why poetry writing is a useful and motivating activity for English language students of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

Teaching Multi-level Classes

Many teachers, especially those in rural settings, are faced with the challenge of teaching a class where the students exhibit a variety of English language skill levels. This course will present ideas on how to incorporate activities for a multi-level setting.

The Product vs. Process Approach to Writing

Two of the most commonly used approaches to teaching writing are the product approach and the process approach. In this course we will define both approaches and discuss the advantages of each. We will then look at activities to use for each approach.

Understanding Nonverbal Communication

In this highly interactive course, we examine the cultural complexities of nonverbal communication. We define the purposes of nonverbal communication in social settings and the ways in which it can be misunderstood in intercultural contexts.

Teaching the Academic Word List

In 2000, Averil Coxhead determined that there was a set of words that was crucial for success in an English academic context, the Academic Word List.

Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing

The skills of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing are largely expected in the academic environment of the North American culture. Often, the international student does not know how to explain in their own words what an expert has already stated.